Finding a Solution through your Separation

Mediation - The Perfect Starting Point

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When your marriage or relationship come to an end, the people involved can often feel at loggerheads, like the situation is out of their control. Sometimes the parties are barely even speaking.  Mediation offers a way to break the deadlock, regain power, and to bring calm to what can be a complicated and heated situation. 

Just Divorce Family Mediation Staffordshire offers a  professional, impartial service where family members can talk their way to a mutually agreed and beneficial solution. Whether it’s a financial dispute, one over access to children, or about the estate of a departed loved one, family mediation can bring even bitter disputes to the solution that everyone can agree to.

The agreement is the most critical word in mediation – unlike the family court, a mediator cannot, and will not, force a decision on you or anyone else. This leaves you in control and is one of the many reasons mediation is much less stressful and faster than going to court.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation is “without prejudice”, that is, what you say remains private and cannot be used in a court to argue against you. Mediation is less upsetting for children and grandparents and step-parents can be involved in the process. As well as family matters. Family Mediation Staffordshire can save a lot of money on expensive legal and court fees. Customers choose Just Divorce Staffordshire for a variety of reasons.

We are in locations across the north of England and can offer long distance mediation or evening and weekend sessions to fit in with your life.

Our mediators are experienced professionals who can create a safe, impartial and calm environment for you to find solutions to what may seem insurmountable problems. Just Divorce Staffordshire is a cost-effective way of sorting out the arrangements for children, housing and finances, especially compared to the legal fees you can incur going to court.


Me and my wife were having problems in our marriage, and we decided to mediate over the children and Just Divorce mediation gave us an opportunity to solve so much.

I had to convince my ex partner to mediate, I took help from Just Divorce mediation and in a single visit, I got much sorted and the finished partnership on a positive note.

After the death of my dad, my brother and sister went into a dispute over our family property. I called Just Divorce mediation for help and after a couple of meetings differences were resolved and we all are now living as one happy family again.

For child access disputes, you must try Just Divorce mediation. Not only these people are very good with people, but they also know how to handle difficult situations.

If you want easy and cost effective solution to any of your family problems then, Just Divorce mediation is just perfect for you. These people are amazing and know how deal with these types of situations.

If you’re looking for a good local mediation service then I would recommend Just Divorce mediation. As they have professionals which will surely give you effective and impartial solutions for children issues

When I found about my wife’s intention to leave, I immediately called Just Divorce Mediation for help and thanks to these people I got many things organised.

We both decided to get separated but, our main concern was the future of our kids. With the help of JDM we found out a common solution and now we are not only living separately but, future of our children is also secured.

I really wanted my divorce proceedings to finish quickly and smoothly and with the help of these people I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you guys.

These people know what is expected from them, not only they are good at their job but, they also know how to handle sensitive issues.

I love my children and when me and my wife decided to get separated, I was really worried about their future but then, my dad suggested me to try JDM and thanks to these people, I got out of my marriage without any hustle bustle.

JDM Manchester is Superb, I couldn’t have ask for more from these people. Love their work.

The condition of my family went really out of control. But then Just Divorce Mediation came in my life who served as a helping hand. The mediators resolved all my issues and my life was back on track.

Just Divorce Mediation proved to be a huge assistance to me for solving my issues with my children. I am glad that I go in touch with their experienced mediators.

The mediators from Just Divorce Mediation created a friendly environment for discussion. They gave me the chance to put all my grievances and issues and then suggested the best possible remedies for improving my conditions.

I am happy that I chose to avail the family mediation services of Just Divorce Mediation instead of going to a litigator and then to a court which would have been a waste of time for me.

The mediators from Just Divorce Mediation didn’t take much time for resolving my issues. They carried out the process of divorce from my wife in a confidential manner by respecting our views and giving us the chance to express our opinions.

I thought of calling Just Divorce Mediation and ask them about the process of mediation. They gave me a complete walkthrough after which I was convinced enough to go for their services. They were really flexible with fixing the dates for the process according to my convenience.

Earlier I thought that mediation is of no use and will definitely not work in my case. But after getting in touch with Just Divorce Mediation, my perception was proven wrong. All my family issues were sorted in no time.

I was always confused about choosing the best insurance plan for my children. But the people from Just Divorce Mediation solved my problems by clearing the picture. I am happy that I chose the best guys for consultation.

The mediators sent by Just Divorce Mediation were totally impartial in the way they treated my case and gave me and my other family members the complete liberty to make the right call.

From personal experience, I can definitely say that Just Divorce Mediation should be the first priority for all those who wish to sort out their matters without going to the court and at an affordable price as well.

The mediators from Just Divorce Mediation didn’t take much time for resolving my issues. They carried out the process of divorce from my wife in a confidential manner by respecting our views and giving us the chance to express our opinions.

There was no issue of any confusion during my separation process, thanks to mediators from Just Divorce Mediation who gave us all the required information through out the mediation.

I didn’t want to take the matter of my divorce to the court. I want to thank Just Divorce Mediation for taking care of helping me see my boys again.

I am grateful to Just Divorce Mediation for helping me and my wife to give divorce to each other. We didn’t feel the need of hiring a family law Solicitor.

Just Divorce Mediation has the best mediators and I really mean it. My separation was not going to be easy but they helped me a lot in reaching a satisfactory agreement.

I was really concerned about the matters related to children custody but the mediators of Just Divorce Mediation were able to resolve it effectively. I would recommend them for all.

Just Divorce Mediation helped us with a plan to move forwards.

I wished it all to remain confidential and Mediators at Just Divorce Mediation just ensure the same. I am much satisfied with my divorce process now.

I was unsure about my future after the divorce but I was glad to consult Just Divorce Mediation as they gave me the chance to speak freely during the process. Thanks to their mediators.

The suggestion given by the mediators from Just Divorce Mediation helped me in reaching a proper settlement for the property disputes. We are glad that we consulted them first for the services.

My friend recommended me for mediation services from Just Divorce Mediation as she was aware of my family issues. The mediators really helped me through the process in a very timely and cost effective manner.

The quality of service that I got during my divorce case from Just Divorce mediation was remarkable. The mediators helped me reach a self-agreement without need of any court.

Just Divorce Mediation has impartial mediators when it comes to children issues and I realized the same during my separation. I am thankful to the mediators for their guidance and support.

Just Divorce Mediation are the most reliable guys in terms of all kinds of family mediation services.

Just Divorce Mediation worked with me and my wife regarding the process of family mediation and gave us the chance to get separated easily and sort child issues.

I am happy that I chose to avail the family mediation services of Just Divorce Mediation instead of going to a litigator and then to a court which would have been a waste of time for me.

There was no involvement of any court or litigator in my case. All credit goes to Just Divorce Mediation for their help and support.

I want to thank Just Divorce Mediation Staffordshire for making sure that the divorce between me and my wife goes smoothly.

Just Divorce Mediation came for my help when I was occupied with all sorts of troubles.

I was clueless about how to solve my personal issues. But then came the exceptional family mediation services of Just Divorce Mediation Staffordshire. I want to thank them for all what they have done for

Why Choose just divorce Mediation Staffordshire?
Conflict Resolution

Mediation is a collaborative process that encourages open dialogue. A trained mediator facilitates communication between family members, helping them express their concerns and needs, leading to mutually agreeable solutions.​

Faster Resolution

Court cases can drag on for months or even years. Mediation typically leads to quicker resolutions, allowing families to move forward with their lives sooner.

Preserves Relationships

Unlike court battles, Just Divorce Mediation Staffordshire aims to preserve relationships rather than destroy them. It helps family members find common ground and work together to reach a resolution, which can be especially crucial when children are involved.


Mediation sessions with Just Divorce Mediation Staffordshire are confidential, providing a safe space for open and honest discussions without fear of public exposure.